Prayer Plan

Laborers for the Harvest!

Lord, please send forth laborers into your harvest, to sow the seed of the gospel, and harvest souls for you. Please send them not only to the world, but to my friends, co-workers, neighbors, and lost family members. May they have an open door of utterance, boldness, and wisdom in their speech. Please protect them physically and spiritually. Lord, if you would count me worthy, may I be one of those laborers, see the needs of others, and be moved with compassion as was my Savior and your Son, Jesus Christ.

Laborers in the Harvest!

Pre-field Ministry

- Financial Support/Passage

- Safe Travel

- Sharing their Call

- Ministry Opportunities

Preliminary Ministry

- Housing

- Language School

- Cultural Adaptation

- Loneliness

- Integration with other

Ministers on new field

- Ministry location and role


- Financial/Exchange Rates

- Lost Support

- Local Government

- Education for Children


- Fellow Laborers

- Core Group

- National Leadership


- Holy Spirit/Bible Translation

- Preaching/Witnessing

- Clarity and free course for the gospel


- Physical/Moral/Spiritual

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