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New Beginnings Class

If you’re new to Westgate Baptist Church or just starting to explore faith in Jesus and the teachings of the Bible, then this is the class for you! What is Westgate Baptist Church about? What does it mean to be a true child of God? How do I grow spiritually? New Beginnings is designed to answer these questions and more in a friendly, caring environment. In this class new believers and prospective members will find helpful information and form valuable friendships.

Teacher: Pastor James Wooten

Membership Path

When God saves a person, He also makes them His child and a part of His family. In one sense all believers in Jesus are part of the church – members of the body and bride of Christ, but that doesn’t mean that people half a world away are members of Westgate Baptist Church. In the New Testament, the word “church” describes a group of Christian believers from a local area who gather together to worship God, proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and care for one another. It is in these local churches that the life of the church is lived out – through preaching, teaching, giving, caring, singing, etc… It is to the local church that God gave Pastors and Deacons and it is here that spiritual gifts are to be exercised. Each church is like a family and has its own history, personality, and culture. When you join Westgate Baptist church we want you to be thoroughly familiar with who we are, what we believe, expectations, and commitments. We recommend that you attend the New Beginnings class. Members must be saved, baptized, and in agreement with the church covenant and bylaws. After meeting with a Pastor, you will be invited to come forward at the end of a church service as a sign of your intent and desire to join the church, to be received into membership, and to be welcomed by the church family.

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