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When God saves a person, He also makes them His child and a part of His family. In one sense all believers in Jesus are part of the church – members of the body and bride of Christ, but that doesn’t mean that people half a world away are members of Westgate Baptist Church. In the New Testament, the word “church” describes a group of Christian believers from a local area who gather together to worship God, proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and care for one another. It is in these local churches that the life of the church is lived out – through preaching, teaching, giving, caring, singing, etc… It is to the local church that God gave Pastors and Deacons and it is here that spiritual gifts are to be exercised. Each church is like a family and has its own history, personality, and culture. When you join Westgate Baptist church we want you to be thoroughly familiar with who we are, what we believe, expectations, and commitments. We recommend that you attend the New Beginnings class. Members must be saved, baptized, and in agreement with the church covenant and bylaws. After meeting with a Pastor, you will be invited to come forward at the end of a church service as a sign of your intent and desire to join the church, to be received into membership, and to be welcomed by the church family.

Salvation by Faith in Jesus Christ

All members of Westgate Baptist Church must be born again believers in Jesus Christ. You cannot be a part of a local church if you are not first part of the family of God and body of Christ. If you’re not sure what it means to believe on Jesus, please see the Believe portion of our website, and contact us – we’re here to help!

Trust Christ


Baptism is the way you let the world know that you have trusted Christ as your Savior and you are one of His followers. It doesn’t make sense to publically join yourself to Christ’s church, if you haven’t first publically owned Him as your Savior. Individuals must be baptized by immersion as a testimony of their faith in Jesus prior to being admitted to the membership of Faith Baptist Church. If you have trusted Christ as your Savior and have never been scripturally baptized, please contact us to discuss this important step of commitment and obedience.

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Church Covenant and Articles of Faith

Membership has privileges such as voting and opportunities for service and leadership, but it also has responsibilities and commitments. As a church family we make promises to care for one another and to seek after God. Our core Bible beliefs identify key truths that we believe express our understanding of God, His Word, and how to walk with Him. We ask all church members to commit to the church covenant and subscribe to the Articles of Faith. If you are interested in becoming a member of Westgate Baptist, please download and review the Church Covenant and Articles of Faith. Once you have read these documents, please schedule an appointment with one of the Pastors to discuss membership and any questions you might have.

Download Church Covenant and Articles of Faith

Discipleship Bible Study

Discipleship is the process by which new believers learn how to live out their faith from the example and teaching of mature believers. Jesus called a small group of disciples to Him (“come follow me”), spent time with them, taught them, prayed with them, and showed them how to walk by faith. He called them to commitment and obedience, and sent them out to minister to others. Amazing opportunities for spiritual growth will come as you spend time with, learn from, and cultivate relationships with mature Christians. We would like to invite you to be part of a mentoring Bible study to help introduce you to the foundational truths of the Christian life and be encouraged in your walk with God. Please contact us if you would be interested in joining a discipleship Bible study.

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