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Find Hope | Jesus is the Way

Our world is full of sorrow, sickness, death, and conflict. This doesn’t match the paradise of Eden described at the start of the Bible. What happened? Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and sin entered the world. Sin has led to heartache and ruin. In our own lives, we have all done things we knew were wrong, but we did them anyway. We need hope – and that hope is found in Jesus! Jesus is the Way to forgiveness and freedom from the bondage and ruin of sin. How does Jesus give this freedom, and what does it mean to believe not just in Him, but on Him?


Find Answers | Jesus is the Truth

Our world is full of truth claims, but Jesus proved His claims by rising from the dead. Jesus told us that His Father’s Word is truth. We believe the Bible has the answers for the needs of our lives. It gives guidance and direction. It tells us how to know God, make godly choices, and what we need to adjust so we can grow in our lives. We emphasize Bible preaching and teaching so that we can learn how to walk with God and better obey Him. In addition to our Sunday morning and evening sermons (Bible teaching with application), we have adult, teen, and children’s Bible classes during the Sunday school hour. On Wednesday evenings we have adult and teen Bible studies, and Kids4truth scripture memory and instruction. Small group Bible studies and individual mentorship are two additional ways to grow through God’s word and build new relationships.


Find Purpose | Jesus is the Life

Our world is full of a lot of noise, confusion, and distraction. Many people lack a purpose greater than making money or living for the weekend. How do you really know what is worth your life and time? Jesus is the Grand Reality – He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You were created to enjoy God and glorify Him forever – for His good pleasure. We can please God by loving and obeying Him. Jesus promises to reward those who serve and follow Him. Our greatest privilege is knowing God, and sharing the wonderful hope of forgiveness and eternal life found in Jesus. Living for Jesus is the highest purpose, and pays eternal dividends. God has an amazing plan for your life, and we invite you to join with us as we seek learn His will and ways.


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