Bible Reading

The Bible is the Word of God. It tells us who He is, who we are, and how the world came to be. It tells us about life after death and where men will spend eternity. Reading the Bible is a great way to come to know God, His ways in the world, and His will for you. As you read your Bible, take time to prayerfully consider what truths God may be showing you. Ask yourself some questions as you read (you may want to have a journal or notebook handy to jot down what you learn):

· What am I learning about God?

· Are there any promises to encourage my faith?

· Are there any commands or warnings to heed?

· Are there any sins I should confess?

· Are there any examples to follow?

· How does God work in the lives of people and how do they respond?

· Do I understand what I just read in its context?

Pray for His guidance to help you understand what you are reading. We would like to give you a special chronological, abridged edition of the Bible called “The Story” to help you more easily see God’s plan for the ages and your place in it.

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